Newborn Confident & Prepared

2.5 hours - Online Bespoke session

Want to know more about caring for a newborn, to feel confident and reassured on what to expect?

The details

This session is ideal for all expectant parents and covers everything you will need to know about a newborn, teaching you what to expect from just after birth to those first few weeks. We’ll cover what’s normal and what you can expect in daily life and caring for your newborn.

What does this 2.5-hour one-to-one virtual package cover?
  • Nappy changing
  • Bathing
  • Behaviours of a newborn baby
  • Sleep safety
  • Tips on being organised to make life easier
  • Things you can do ahead to prepare your home for baby
  • Taking baby out
  • A breakdown of what support is available in the postnatal period.

How does it work?

These sesssions can be booked at any point during pregnancy and is a 2.5-hour one-to-one virtual session covering key areas I feel are necessary to know about from my 12 years of experience as a midwife caring for hundreds of newborns and postnatal women. The information is also coming first hand from also being a mum of 2. Throughout our session, we’ll cover key topics around the newborn which includes both practical and emotional care, along with what to expect and when. There’ll be ample opportunities to ask questions along the way, in a safe and non-judgemental environment. They’ll also be a discussion around practically preparing your home or a newborn.

This session compliments any other antenatal classes and is an excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge, converting your anxieties into caring for a newborn into a confidence that you feel ready and prepared to finally meet and most importantly care for them. You may have also tried other classes but want more practical and consolidated information on how to care for your newborn. This session will cover feeding your newborn but focus very much on the practicalities of feeding, it’s highly recommended you also attend a breastfeeding workshop for more information solely on breastfeeding.
An email is sent after the session summarising the key points, along with practical advice and support including links to other useful resources.

 Investment – £150

*These sessions are designed to complement not replace your regular midwifery care, specific medical advice cannot be given.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me to discuss how this package can work in supporting and offering you reassurance.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me to discuss how this package can work in supporting and offering you reassurance..

    Contact Bridie

    Please contact me for further information on what I offer or book a Free 15 minute Discovery Call, to see how I can help you prepare for the journey ahead. 

    One to One Courses enable all content to be adapted to you and your individual needs, with lots of opportunities to ask questions along the way. 

    Preparation Pack 

    All courses are accompanied by a Preparation Pack, including a packing list for hospital, a Birth Plan, tips on Newborn sleep and other useful information on Birth Options.

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