Beyond Birth

Postnatal Coaching Package

Your first month with baby.

This is all about focusing on supporting you postnatally, helping you gain confidence and relieve any anxieties to enjoy your postnatal journey with practical advice and reassurance.


The details

This package is made up of 4 postnatal support sessions each lasting 1 hour and will take place ideally weekly within the first 28 days of having your baby.

The sessions are about offering you reassurance and guidance into your postnatal recovery and care of the newborn. The sessions are designed to instil you with confidence and alleviate any anxieties or worries you may have.


What does the package offer?

The package is led by you and what areas you wish to have more guidance and support on during the first 28 days with your newborn.

Topics that can be covered during these one-to-one sessions include:

  • Feeding- breast of formula feeding
  • Daily care of the newborn
  • Practical tips on daily life with a newborn
  • Postnatal recovery for mother
  • Adapting to the new role of parenthood
  • Coping strategies in the postnatal period
  • Calls to action to help with confidence building
  • Full access to support via Whatsapp during the package period.

How does it work?

This is ideal for any expectant parents who may want that extra support and reassurance during their postnatal period.

You may have attended antenatal classes but still feel you could benefit from the reassurance of a weekly one-to-one session?

You may also have limited postnatal support and once again want the benefit of knowing you can ask all your questions in a calm and relaxed environment to a midwife and a mother of 2 who has been there herself and understands the postnatal period and what can help make the journey smoother for you.

This package can be booked in advance antenatally. And for those booking during pregnancy, I include a complimentary 30-minute introduction call to get to know you and your needs a little more prior to your baby arriving and to start to build a confident relationship with me. These can also be booked once your baby has arrived. This package is made up of 4, 1-hour virtual support sessions covering all things postnatal.


You have access to me via WhatsApp for any areas you would like to particularly focus on before each session so that I can tailor the support to your unique needs at that time.


An email is sent after each session summarising the key points, along with practical advice and support including links to other useful resources. Optional calls to action are also included in the key areas you can be focusing on.


Investment – £350

*These sessions are designed to complement not replace your regular midwifery care, specific medical advice cannot be given. 

Book a Free Discovery Call

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me to discuss how this package can work in supporting and offering you reassurance.

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