Bump To Birth

Bespoke Pregnancy Coaching

Over a period of 3 months – from 28 weeks of pregnancy

This package if perfect if looking for extra support in the last months of pregnancy, minus the postnatal support.

Guiding you through those last 3 months of pregnancy, with one-to-one antenatal classes and support sessions, along with giving you practical advice and support to ensure you’re organised and prepared.

Filling you with the confidence and knowledge you need in the lead up to becoming parents.

The details

I dedicate myself to you over the last 3 months of pregnancy to support, educate and relieve your anxieties. I also arm you with practical tips and skills that I have gained from 12 years of being a midwife and along with being a mum of 2.

I will guide you through what you should be doing at what point to ensure you can enjoy your transition into parenthood and feel reassured throughout.

The support from this package is made up with one-to-one support sessions along with bespoke antenatal classes and access to ask me additional questions via whatsapp during the length of the package.

What areas does this package cover

  • 4 hours of one-to-one Labour & Birth classes, at a time suitable to your schedule.
  • 1.5 hour- Birth Plan discussion & a Birth Plan written for you
  • 2 hour- Practical advice and education on the care of the newborn class
  • 2 hour – Packing your hospital bag, home & newborn preparation session
  • 1.5 hour -Breastfeeding education & preparation class
  • 1 hour – What to expect postnatally session
  • 1 hour- What to expect from a Caesarean Section
  • Power hour prior to birth to ensure you feel confident and ready.
  • 14 hours of one-to-one virtual support
  • Full access to support via WhatsApp during the package period.
  • Follow up emails from every virtual session
  • A copy of the Bump to Birth, Purchase & Prep Guide 
  • A copy of the Bump to Birth, Packing your Hospital Bag Guide 

How does it work?

During the last 3 months of your pregnancy, I work closely with you during this package to guide you through a format made up of one-to-one virtual sessions, which also include 6 hours of bespoke Antenatal classes.I guide you through every step you should be taking to become mentally and physically prepared for parenthood and the confidence to care for a new baby along with helping you prepare for your birth and baby practically.

Each session is designed to cover key elements such as arming you with the knowledge to make an informed choice when it comes to labour and birth, helping you confidently compose a birth plan, packing your hospital bag and ensuring you feel confident in a final antenatal power hour.Prior to sessions, I compass a questionnaire to make each session as bespoke to you as possible, I will also give you added information on writing your birth plan, and comprehensive packing list. An email is sent after each session summarising the key points, along with practical advice and support including links to other useful resources. Optional calls to action are also included in the key areas you can be focusing on.

This is then brought together with the extra support of being able to Whatsapp me with any extra questions and concerns

Investment – £650

*These sessions are designed to complement not replace your regular midwifery care, specific medical advice cannot be given.

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