27th November 2020

The Story of my Antenatal Classes

This is my first Blog which I’ve set up to start offering support to all expectant and new parents along with my Antenatal Classses. I thought I’d start by writing about how and why I started Bump to Beyond your Birth. 

About Me

So, a little about me, firstly I’m a Midwife and I’ve been a Midwife for the past 12 years and it’s a great job that’s really rewarding. I’ve worked in all areas of Midwifery from Labour Ward, Community Midwife to a Multiple birth Midwife. Presently I work with a fantastic team of midwives supporting Vulnerable Women, yes, it’s challenging but the rewards far out way the stress.

I’m also a Mum of two and a Military Wife, so large parts of my life are spent flying solo as a parent. Presently I work parttime in the NHS and spend the rest of my week caring for my 4-year-old daughter and 22-month-old son. 

My Postnatal Experience

It was when I had my son almost 2 years ago, I found myself left with a 9-day old baby and a 2-year-old, after my husband flew back to Afghanistan for another 9 weeks to complete his deployment having only recently flown back for a few days for our son’s birth. I felt physically sick and really anxious over the thought of how I was going to cope. I think my husband also had his reservations about what it was going to be like for me doing it alone for the next two months. 

Motherhood isn’t easy, at times it can be really difficult and when I had my first child it hit me hard, even as a trained Midwife. The morning after my husband left, I got up and just sort of carried on with it. You hear lots of people saying to mothers ‘I don’t know how you do it’, but actually you have little choice and you do just get on it! It was a sink or swim moment and there were difficult moments and a few tears. 

What helped me through

What helped me through was being organised and having support from family even if it was just a phone call and getting out of the house as much as possible. I found getting out of the house to be a bit of a gamechanger especially having to follow my daughter’s Nursery routine which quickly got me into my own routine. I actually preferred my second Maternity Leave over my first, a couple years earlier, even though this time around it was probably harder. 

Postnatal support is often overlooked with so much focus on pregnancy and the actual birth. Gradually there’s been a better understanding of how much support women really need during this time and it’s something I’m passionate about promoting. 

Help & Advice

It was during this time I decided to take the leap and start Bump to Beyond your Birth, an idea I had considered for a few of years after offering help and advice to so many families and friends. I wanted to use my training as a Midwife and being a mum to support other mums and mums-to-be. A friend advised me to set up an Instagram account and said it was a platform I’d enjoy and find positive. My first post was nine pictures of nine weeks flying solo, each photo represented something we had been through like chickenpox or a positive moment like Face Timing my husband. 

I then set up my website offering One to One Birth and Baby Preparation courses for expectant parents, along with offering Postnatal Support. I’m an organised person so I wanted to offer expectant parents’ practical advice which is non-judgmental, along with the usual topics covered in Birth Preparation. I’m about supporting women, not telling them how they should be doing it or what choices they should be making.

Antenatal Classes

The Antenatal Classes are split into topics such a Sign of Labour, Coping in Labour, Partners Role and Care of the New-Born. What’s possible with a One to One course is the ability to adapt the course to the individual couple. I chat with them first, then come up with an individualised course plan unique to their needs. 

Social Media

Starting a business has been a steep learning curve but it’s been hugely rewarding. I’ve had to learn along the way, watching endless YouTube tutorials or joining business retreats. The Covid pandemic has meant the initial face to face concept for my business has had to move online. This has opened me up to teaching virtually anyone, which in turn has given me a drive to move the business even further. I now offer Zoom Antenatal Classes to expectant parents in the comfort of their own home. 

Instagram has proved to be a friendly platform and there are so many fantastic accounts that support other parents, especially during pregnancy and having a New-born. I’m glad I started my account all those months back so please follow me for lots of tips and advice. 

So, that’s my first Blog complete and I hope it sheds a little more light on who I am and what Bump to Beyond your Birth is all about. I hope my future Blogs are helpful and enjoyable for you all.

Interested in my Antenatal Classes, follow the link to find out more

Bridie x

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