Anxiety & Motherhood

Mother sat crossed legged holding her baby - Bump to Beyond your Birth

My experience of Anxiety in Motherhood  As this week marks Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, I’ve taken to my Blog to talk about my own experience of suffering from Anxiety during early motherhood.  My daughter Scarlett was born in 2016 and was very much planned, being a Midwife I wasn’t […]

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How to get more sleep as a New Parent

Smiling baby portrait - Bump to Beyond your Birth

Most people expect sleepless nights with newborn babies, there is no getting around the relentless feeding through the night. What people don’t realise though, is that there are things you can do even from those very early days to encourage healthy sleep habits going forward. This is so that as […]

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The Story of my Antenatal Classes

This is my first Blog which I’ve set up to start offering support to all expectant and new parents along with my Antenatal Classses. I thought I’d start by writing about how and why I started Bump to Beyond your Birth.  About Me So, a little about me, firstly I’m […]

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